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I am fortunate enough to live on a small property that hosts 5 apple trees.  In the summer, as you can imagine, there are abundant amounts of fruit- so much so that weekly I can bring in grocery bags filled with gorgeous, ripe, newly harvested apples.  In addition to snacks we prepare applesauce as one of our lunch choices.  I believe the children enjoy knowing where their food comes from so I let them know when the apples they are eating come from my garden.   The personal connection was, and is, impressed upon their memories- so much that every time we have applesauce for lunch one of them will invariably ask, “Are these apples from your tree?”  Now that Spring is coming around once again I will photograph and bring in samples of the blossoms turning into those oh-so-delicious fruit that they love and anticipate…. all the while marveling at the things that children remember.

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