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Hello GPM Families,

Thank you to the Upstairs parents for joining me for the parent-teacher conferences. It was a pleasure to meet with you all to discuss your child’s progress. Just as we understand the value of one-on-one lessons with each child, we also appreciate the individualized time and space to meet with you. We recognize the importance of bridging home and school life and I greatly enjoyed learning a bit more about your child by spending time with you. Therefore, we appreciate everyone for taking the time to meet as we realize that mornings are already a very busy time.

In November we will be tracking the sunlight as we watch the Earth move around the sun. We will be studying South and Central America, continuing to learn about mammals, and creating collage art work. The children will have access to many different resources and books for our November studies. We introduced library books from our very own Glen Park Library to demonstrate how we can support our monthly studies in addition to the works on our classroom shelves. We will continue to discuss the care of books with an emphasis on returning the book to the bookshelf with the title facing outward. I wonder if you can bring this practice home, too!

We will be discussing the recent change of the location of our book corner. To make room for our new corner, we moved our fire-belly toad to the Downstairs Classroom. Now both classrooms have the opportunity to learn how to care for animals as we are still enjoying our aquarium and looking after the classroom fish. This change will provide the Upstairs Classroom with more room for a cozy book nook complete with a beautiful rug and soft pillows. We really want to embrace this space as a peaceful area to learn more about the world around us, as well as our monthly Extended Curriculum studies.

Finally, we are so excited to learn about the parts of a pumpkin and apple tasting. This month we will be cutting open a pumpkin and dissecting its parts. We will have the opportunity for each child to scoop out some of the flesh and seeds. If all goes well, we will proceed to roast the seeds and enjoy some with our afternoon snack. We will be introducing bar graphs via our apple tasting activity. We will have three different kinds of apples, most likely Granny Smith, Fuji, and Golden Delicious. We will sample a taste of each and allow the children to decide which apple is their favorite. Taste, smell, and texture will be discussed to describe the differences of each apple. We will then graph the results and discover the classroom’s most-liked apple. Stay tuned for the results… we will post the graph outside our classroom door in efforts to spark some discussion at home.

Warm regards,

Ms. Kristine, Ms. Cyndi, and Ms. Soukaina

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