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Hello GPM Families,

We look forward to seeing and learning about your child each day. There are many things to think about and prepare for the return of students and the school week. Just as the teachers prepare the environment and lessons for the week, we know the importance of preparing one’s self. Getting plenty of rest, eating healthy foods, and exercising help to keep our bodies and minds ready for each day. It is also helpful to talk about daily morning routines with your child. Knowing what is coming next and how to handle drop off at school will continue to establish a rhythm. It is amazing to see the continued growth of both students and staff as we all learn our daily routines.

Starting in September, we will be passing out the “All About Me Box.” This will be a small container your child will bring home on a Friday and return the following Monday and is to be filled with a few items to share with the classroom. These items should be things that tell us a little bit more about your child, their favorite things, and/or pictures of special family trips. There will be printed instructions taped inside the box to guide you and your child as you fill the box. Please leave the instructions taped inside to help the next student and their family.

September studies include Life on our Planet and Earth, Sea, and Sky. We look forward to continued work with metal insets and focusing on pencil grip and drawing with geo shapes. We will continue to use primary colors throughout many area of the classroom. Ask your child about how we played the “silence game” by using the color blue. Hint: we use water and a few drops of blue coloring.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the families, children, and especially the GPM staff for making me feel at home. My transition from Savannah, Georgia to San Francisco was quite the journey. I drove from the East Coast to the West Coast in seven days and enjoyed every minute. It was a time of reflection and also excitement for my next chapter in California. I was able to visit New Orleans and San Antonio, specifically the Riverwalk, along the way. Altogether, I am happy to be settling in and gaining momentum here at Glen Park Montessori. It is an honor to grow and learn with the children each day.

In gratitude,

Ms. Kristine and Ms. Cyndi

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