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I was recently advised to take one day a week and have nothing scheduled, no obligations- just having one day free of “to do” lists, or the necessity of having to be somewhere- appointments and the like– just letting the day flow as it will.  Lovely, I thought, but as it turns out, easier said than done. Then one day I actually accomplished this. As a result, I felt refreshed and renewed and made a promise to follow the practice regularly.

With our increasingly complex lives, it has become the norm to be in a rush and to agonize over the day to day and minute to minute obligations we impose upon ourselves. Our attention is easily drawn to Email, texts, Facebook, and Internet, while our minds often run in circles. Our children can easily get caught up in the rushed atmosphere as well. How lovely would it be to give them the opportunity to experience a day of relaxed downtime without electronics or a schedule to follow!

So what can be done to break the cycle? Doing nothing one day a week may seem a little far –fetched but what if it were possible to devote one day a month, as a family, to slowing it all down.   How might that look?  What comes to mind is perhaps something as simple as a family trip to the beach where treasures could be collected.  Or give your child a camera and choose a delightful location for a family photography adventure.  It might even be useful to create a family album with documentation of what you did on your “One Day a Month” experiences you have created- as a reminder of how very wonderful it can be to experience the joy and  peace of doing (next to) nothing.

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