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We had a truly amazing Summer Program. Both classrooms went all out: the children had many opportunities to learn, create, and explore new concepts and ideas about their world (and universe!).

The Upstairs classroom’s theme was transportation. They learned about different modes of transportation, including transportation with no engines: bicycles, skateboards, kayaks, surfboards and even their feet! Next, they looked at land vehicles like trains, tractors, and automobiles. Then, they looked at water transportation such as boats and submarines. Finally, they looked towards the sky for their transportation inspiration: planes, blimps—they even made their own hot air balloons.

The Downstairs classroom explored our solar system. They started with the sun and explored all eight planets! They studied constellations, built rocket ships and ignited their imaginations by hypothesizing what is beyond our known space. They even built their own sun and planets. Needless to say, both the teachers and children had a fabulous summer, full of firsts indeed!


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