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A friend of mine recently picked up an issue of Common Ground, The Food Issue- I might add: luckily.  I try to adhere to the notion that trees are better growing in forests than piling up in my recycle bin but in this case there appeared something very special: an article entitled: “The Sanctity of Seeds”.  Very few words, mainly photographs and for good reason- words are inadequate to describe the absolute perfection and beauty of something as seemingly ordinary as a seed.  Did you know (as stated in the article by Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy)

*  “Seeds are the most complex organs that plants have ever produced”.

*  “The first seeds appeared some 360 million years ago.”

*  “…seeds may travel thousands of miles and if necessary wait for hundreds of years before germinating”.

*  and, of course, …”packed into every seed is the genetic material to give rise to a new plant whether a garden-variety herb or a giant sequoia”.

The authors continue with a thought we would all do well to keep in mind, and that is: these timeless wonders should not EVER be tampered with by human hands.

More of these electron microscope photos are available in the book:  Seeds: Time Capsules of Life.  I look forward to having copies in our classrooms since every opportunity to awaken wonder in adults or feed the wonder that children naturally exude is what it’s all about!

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