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Part of our extended curriculum is exploring different types of plants. Because of the recent holidays, we’ve been paying special attention to plants we eat. Particularly, over the past month we have been exploring “roots we eat.” Teachers brought in different kinds of roots vegetables (carrots, potatoes, radishes, onions) and let the children explore them in a variety of ways—including exploring with their senses. One of our favorite traditions is making soup with the whole classroom: the children wash, peel, and chop (with supervision, of course!) the root vegetables used in the soup. This gives us experience and understanding of the process it takes to create a healthy meal out of vegetables that were grown from the earth, and the many steps it takes to put a meal on the table. We appreciate our food more as we prepare it together, and of course, our favorite part is when we get to taste our yummy meal!


stewstew 2peeling


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