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Glen Park Montessori began as a small collection of 12 children. Very sweet. When it grew to 18 it was lovely, and then to 36- wonderful and very complicated. Suddenly, or so it seemed, there were 36 families (72 adults, 108 individuals) with whom communication lines needed to remain open.

For a school with extended administrative staff, probably not a problem. But with one person acting as head of school and primary teacher—very much a challenge.

Fortunately, over the years, very gracious, generous parents in the program stepped up with helpful suggestions, offers of assistance and incredible offerings of their gifts and talents. And so it has evolved that, in addition to the yearly calendar,  newsletters were developed, a parent Yahoo Group formed, and beautiful web sites designed. (Our most recent site, for which I’ll be eternally grateful, was the gift of a very talented, tenacious parent of a powerhouse student named Ranger.).

Fortunately, it seems like we now have it covered: bulletin boards, published calendars, Yahoo Group, gorgeous web site with School News (aka Rosemary’s Corner, aka the Blog), Facebook, newsletters and Email updates… and an open office for any parent wishing a conference or simply a check in… all because of the individuals who loved the school (the Nature-based curriculum, the great teachers, the beautiful setting) and wanted to insure that it would thrive and continue to offer quality experiences and education to precious little minds.

Heart-felt thanks to you all!

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