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September brings in the last of our new arrivals (the first round of 15 children having started in August!) with new personalities, gifts and little challenges as they get accustomed to being in a brand new school setting. Our job is to see what they love to do and give them the tools to be successful in their journey towards independence. Everything is new to them and they are all new to us making August and September the most wonderfully fascinating months.

September also launches our Botany curriculum with an introduction to the plant, followed by roots in October and leaves in November. This has always been a favorite topic for the children as it opens the doors to a greater understanding of their natural world. By the time we return from Winter Break, they are ready to begin the process of growing plants from a seed—be prepared to have a bean plant in or around your home!

Also worth mentioning: we’ve had some painting done—notice updated doors and frames throughout the school—with more to come. Gerry Mulderrig of Mulderrig Painting is a former parent with a fabulous painting crew. If you need painting done—give him a call!

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