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Dear Upstairs Families,

As we are well into our school year, it is important to bring awareness and practice to our gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor movement develops the underlying skills necessary to support whole body. We continue to provide activities in our indoor and outdoor environments to support the children’s balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. Weather permitting, we have started to enjoy skipping, hopping, and building obstacle courses in the play yard. On the deck area, we have engaged in friendly competitions of lap races leading us up the climbing wall and down the steps.

Along with developing their gross motor skills, the children are enjoying the Care of Self area of our classroom which supports their fine motor skills by engaging in activities such as the zipper, snap, button, and bow tying frames. The children continue to gain independence by dressing themselves when necessary, as well as taking their coats off and on. If a child is struggling, we demonstrate how to place the top of the jacket/hood, where the tag usually is, at their feet. Then, placing both arms in to the sleeves, the child flips the coat over their shoulders. We like to use the saying, “tag by your toes, and over it goes!” Additionally, the mirror and silver polishing lessons are being introduced. Multiple step works encourage children to naturally slow down. These activities join caring for self with caring for the environment.

An especially exciting part of our day is during Circle Time. The children thoroughly enjoy the News Period as it allows us to check in with them daily regarding events in their lives. It is so important to practice listening and taking turns to talk. Respecting one another’s time to share provides an opportunity to practice cooperation within our school community. This space also allows us to explore issues of concern, providing a structured mechanism for solving problems in which all participants have a voice.

The studies for the March include amphibians, plants, wetlands, and wax pastels. Ms. Cyndi has been creating several pieces for our Art Area, including specific artists such as Henry Matisse and Pablo Picasso. Please remember to bring a photo on March 5 of the art piece you explored with your child, along with a photo of the artist (if it’s available) and a brief description of why you chose this piece. We will enjoy a day of creative expression as we learn about art from around the world. Finally, please save the date for Boat Float Day coming up on Thursday, March 28 at 1 pm. We will be closing school at 2 pm and thus will be starting our Spring Break. We look forward to this special and creative experience.

Warm regards,

Ms. Kristine, Ms. Cyndi, and Ms. Alicia

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