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We’ve had such a lovely time this past month. I keep thinking of “leaps and bounds” in terms of the progress we’ve made—with the children, the classroom, and our teaching community. Teacher Sushma delighted the children with her chocolate covered Valentine’s Day project – gifts for you made by them. At her former school she had the children draw names to make one Valentine card for a friend, like our Solstice Gift Exchange. I’m delighted by the thought (and I’m sure you will be, too!) so we’ll start that next year. Teacher Abagail is doing art projects with the children on Wednesdays and Teacher Shireen continues to dazzle the children with very creative dance routines for them to partake in twice a week.

March’s curriculum includes looking at plants—the real kick-starter for our botany curriculum. We’ll be planting outside now that the weather is warmer. Like the plants, we will be welcoming the longer hours of sunlight as Spring approaches.

We will also start to log what the children are eating for breakfast as a study. Some children arrive really jazzed and others appear more tired. This leads us to be curious about the impact that breakfast makes. What types of breakfast foods help children function optimally? Does a breakfast high in sugar effect a child’s mood? Breakfast time can be busy, but I encourage you to notice what types of food give your child the highest amount of nutrition and energy. If you have a favorite yummy and healthy breakfast for your kids and would like to share it with our parent community–please email me! We’ll do a special posting at the end of the month.

Here’s to health, happiness and all the beautiful things we will be bringing to the children this next month!

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