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We defined  “fetish” for the children as “an object that is special and belongs to you and no one else”.  They were shown river stones, and were invited to choose one that felt good in their hands, one that appealed to them.  They then selected a color to paint their stones.  The choices were wide-ranging: from pale lavender to forest green, to silver pink and gold.  They then thought about, and named an animal, plant, insect, or other symbol they particularly liked.  We helped them make a list of what was appealing to them about their choice before assisting them in drawing/ painting the image on their stones.  The stones were also given a name.

What is fascinating and about this type of exercise is that children will make choices that fit their personality- each one unique. We had frogs, wolves, a ladybug, grass, a star, an iris, an elephant, a giraffe, to name a few. Next we will create a felt bag to carry the stones home.


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