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It’s a new year and we’re embarking on a new adventure with the help of all our parents to launch the Anthropology Studies. Our parent participation celebrations in the past (Valentine’s Day and Boat Float Day) have been hugely successful with the creativity and personality of the children coming through with the help of their parents. Now it’s time to experience, one day per month, different cultures around the world with research and contributions (we’re looking for music, decorations, food—anything to make the experience for the children authentic!). January was the month of Potlatch—a tradition of the Tlingit tribe of Northwest America—the giving of gifts to redistribute wealth. The month of February will be the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Parents are encouraged to sign up for any of the twelve monthly celebrations; the children will be choosing, also.  January was, of course, the first launch of the year with everyone involved. We are looking forward to celebrating these grand events every month!

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