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It’s so exciting to welcome October—the month of celebration, costumes, pumpkins and parades. Speaking of which, over the years we have made Halloween at school a festive event that includes an invitation to our parents to participate in our neighborhood parade. Of course, we love to have the children dressed in costume the day of, so we welcome them to wear it to school if they can move easily—I’ll never forget the robot costume that was so beautifully elaborate the child could barely walk or the gorgeous dragon with the 8 foot tail!

It has been our tradition to visit the local merchants in our neighborhood and give them a gift as a token of our appreciation for their contribution to our neighborhood. This practice is an attempt to provide the children with the experience of “giving” to offset the experience of “getting” that is reflected in the current practice of Trick-or-Treat. Our children enjoy making the gifts; the merchants are surprised and pleased to receive them—all in all a very lovely and satisfying experience for everyone. More details will be coming soon—and please don’t forget the school will close after the parade.

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