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Fall is officially here—the leaves are turning color, the days are growing shorter, and you can feel the seasonal change in the air. Our new students are officially settling in, creating a sense of classroom cohesiveness as they develop friendships and better understand their daily routines. Relationships between students and teachers are growing strong as time and trust build upon another.

October is always a turning point in the school year as it kicks off the holiday season. We are looking very forward to the wonderfully delightful Halloween Costume Parade! We have a sweet tradition of offering small gifts to the local merchants as a token of appreciation—this is a sure to brighten their day! We hope you can join us for this lovely event to witness the joy that the children spread to their community.

Also worth noting, the Downstairs Parent-Teacher conferences will take place this month—please keep your eye out for a sign-up sheet located next to the classroom door. The Upstairs Parent-Teacher conferences will be taking place in November!

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