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November is an interesting month: the quiet before the holiday storm. As indicated, we will be talking to the children about what it means to be thankful—an abstract word for them if you think about it (and the dictionary is little help). At the preschool age they are in the “here and now”, taking the new world in through their senses, and making sense of it all. So, where does “thankful” reside in the body? My guess would be the heart! We can start with them by noticing not only what they have, but also: noticing things, places, and people that give them a warm feeling in their hearts. I personally am thankful for clear blue skies, the dew on a spider web, the sound of my cat purring, the smile of a child, close friends. Talk to your child about the word “thankful” and ask them: what makes you happy? Where do you feel that happiness in your body? Feel free to express what you are thankful for in the same manner. With this practice, “thankfulness” will become a very familiar concept to them, and isn’t that something to be thankful for??

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