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As the end of the year draws closer, I appreciate the time and space to reflect on what I am most grateful for. Life can often feel fast and chaotic—I find it beneficial to slow down and notice what is already there. Feeling the warmth of the sun on a crisp, fall afternoon; pausing to observe children playing joyfully with one another; or taking a moment to witness the color and beauty in my surroundings—these are a few things that bring me joy and gratitude.

The month of November feels especially heartwarming as we explore with the children what it means to be grateful—and we discover what they are grateful for. As part of our tradition, we ask that families contribute a favorite cultural dish to share on Gratefulness Day so that the children and staff can experience a part of your family’s traditions and culture. Please include a photo of a flag from this region, as well as a short paragraph explaining the significance of this dish to your family.

We, as a school, feel especially grateful for our community at GPM. We don’t take for granted how much our families contribute to our environment. We are thankful for your continuous efforts, warmth, and uniqueness each family brings to our school.

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