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Cultural studies, as designed by Maria and her son Mario Montessori, were meant to introduce children to the peoples of the world while providing an appreciation of both similarities and differences of others. We can look at such things as physical characteristics, dress, housing and shelter, as well as celebrations. Wanting to give the children a sense of what different cultural expressions might look and feel like, we have narrowed our focus to music, art, and traditional celebratory foods.

This month we are hosting a cultural Gratefulness Day, asking families to bring a dish for lunch that reflects their unique cultural heritage, along with information about the significance of this choice. In this way, we encourage families to share their history and traditions with their child’s classmates. Then, during lunch, we will get to see and taste foods that have special significance, deepening our appreciation for what is offered, and integrating what we all share as people of this world: an opportunity to reflect on what we can be grateful for.

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