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Starting in May (Tuesday through Thursday) I will be working outside with a few of the children heading for Kindergarten. We will be in the play yard from 2 to 3 pm (during nap time) doing projects, studying current topics, and trying various art techniques. The month of May officially launches our botany curriculum with the role of the leaf in the larger world of plant life- how very exciting is that? We will be exploring ideas such as:

  • What is a leaf? What does it do? What about leaf texture? What does their color mean?
  • How many leaf shapes can we find and name?
  • What is the largest leaf we can find? The smallest?
  • How do we use them? How do they help us?
  • Which ones are fragrant and why? What happens to them after they fall from the tree (if they are deciduous)?

As we develop these ideas they can be used in the classroom (s) as part of our biology curriculum. Can’t wait- it’s going to be so much fun!

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