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It has been a long time coming, but our new design for the garden and play yard is finally in the works. The garden area outside the downstairs classroom will be transformed into a play and climbing area. The original plan was to have a lovely garden for the children to plant and enjoy the wonder of watching plants grow. There were many trials, but the San Francisco summers were not generous enough with sunlight and warmth to support—well, anything except the non-destructible pineapple sage and the dear sweet “weeds.” So, to make a long story short: after months of planning and designing we finally have a school play yard designer, Doug Gourley, ready to begin the initial construction over Spring Break. When completed, the deck and lower yard will be open and accessible with a stairway going down and climbing ramp back up to the deck. We are in the process of the first phase and stay tuned for phase two—coming soon!

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