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Spring is here and there is much to celebrate! New life brings new possibilities—with this comes hope and light. We will welcome spring by celebrating the Spring Equinox with not one but two celebrations. First, we will celebrate the equinox as it coincides with our cultural studies segment: Art from Around the World. We ask that you help your child choose a piece of art from an international artist whose piece best represents spring. Think bright colors, naturalistic imagery, or anything else that represents this season of growth and change— more details to come. Second, we are happy to welcome a parent from GPM who will give a presentation to the children on the celebration of the Persian New Year, Norooz. This is a cultural holiday that is celebrated by Iranians, Afghans, and many other people in the middle east and southern Asia. This celebration is held on the first day of spring and symbolizes the arrival of spring and new life. She will read a Norooz story and share some Persian food with the class that is commonly eaten for the New Year. We are so grateful to have our guest and are looking very forward to her presentation!

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