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In the continuing series of our Cultural Studies, the month of June is dedicated to music from around the world with a focus on percussion instruments. Our goal is to look at objects and practices that run consistently within cultures throughout the world in order to notice and appreciate the many similarities. It is also our goal to expand the children’s understanding by providing them with real-life experiences. Last year we were fortunate to have found a musician, Amadou Diawara, a native of Sengal, who gave a wonderful, interactive concert and dance class for the children. Luckily for us, he will be joining us again this year with a truck loaded with jimbe drums so that each child will have the opportunity to play their own instrument in concert.

We would like to offer any of you that would be interested, the opportunity to contribute to our world-wide celebration by bringing in a recording of music the children might enjoy, especially if it reflects a part of your heritage, perhaps with some information and photographs of the instruments involved. Another possibility would be providing us with a mini concert if you have talent in that area. Needless to say, any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated!

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