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June was the bittersweet month that comes all too soon when we say farewell to our students who are leaving, with Kindergarten on the horizon. The choice of Lake Lagunitas in the California Redwoods as a final party and celebration destination always seemed a fitting conclusion to the children’s exposure to our natural world that they have “studied” through our classroom curriculum. It was and is a beautifully shared day in the fresh air, under the
trees, creating a memory not soon forgotten.
Summer Session promises, once again, to be exciting and fun. The summer rotation schedule of 45 minutes in each classroom (including outside) has been developed over the last several years to give the school a playful break from “academics”, to look closely at a topic of personal interest to share with the children, and to have a weekly trip to the Meadow. For the new children entering school, it has proven to be a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of exploration and imagination as a precursor to “regular” school. The Upstairs Classroom will be focusing on different modes of transportation (without engines, land transportation, water transportation, and air transportation), while the Downstairs Classroom will be focusing on our Solar System–making our own rockets, lots of experiments, and creating diagrams. All in all—Summer Session can be summed up as: A World of Fun Under the (hopefully) San Francisco Sun!

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