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With July just beginning, we have the opportunity to wrap-up our academic year with parent-teacher conferences, finish up our curriculum concepts, and sadly say good-bye to our children moving onto Kindergarten, while we open our arms to welcome our new families. A very significant part of the end of the year is our trek to Fairfax in western Marin. It is a drive, but consistently when families arrive to the Redwood grove, they immediately react to the fresh, open, beautiful space where their children roam, explore, and exhibit the type of joy we all feel when surrounded by the true earth energy. It is a fact that we need consistent and direct contact with the earth. It has been said that shoes were the worst invention (in their current form of plastic/synthetic materials) since those are the substances that block our connection to the earth. It is that connection that instills in us an appreciation, if not reverence, for the planet as a living, breathing entity—something to be honored and protected. Our children need this most of all for they are the ones that will carry our future. With this, I encourage each and every one of you to join us for the year-end potluck picnic and graduation ceremony. It will be a most beautiful experience.

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