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Most people think of September as the start of the “academic” year, but for us it is January, as this is when the new cycle of our extended curriculum begins. In our biology unit we will begin studying fish and amphibians. Then, as spring approaches, we will begin the cycle of botany which coincides with the glorious growing season. We believe that by January the children have settled into the school’s environment, have a good understanding of the rules and expectations of their classroom, and are now ready to immerse themselves into more challenging, dynamic, and really fun work!

Speaking of which, a quick reminder: Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! The children should be thinking about what kind of Valentine they want to make at home for each one of their classmates. The cards should be generally the same and should only include your child’s “signature”—no need to personalize the cards. We greatly appreciate cookies for a treat on that special day if you would like to contribute! Let us know if you’re interested.  Thank you in advance and have fun!

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