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Hold onto your hats and get ready: Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! If you have not experienced our very sweet, (yes, we serve cookies, no pun intended!) custom, child-made Valentine’s Day cards for the card exchange at school, you are in for a delight. Each year, the Valentines brought from home are wonderfully special, as each child has created their own artistic version of beautiful, heart-filled Valentines for each of their friends at school. It is a true celebration day as everyone wears red to school, and of course, there will be a treat served right after lunch. All of this will happen on Thursday, February 11, but that isn’t all.

We will have an Anthropology Day event on Monday, February 8: the celebration of Chinese New Year. We have invited a surprise guest to talk to the children about the Year of the Monkey. We will also enjoy traditional foods to further mark this very special event. Not to be forgotten, we will be having our own Dragon Dance! So yes, looking forward to February!

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