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The winter solstice is once again upon us. It is designated as the first day of winter, but we need not forget that it is also the beginning of the reversal of dark into light—that from this point going forward our days will be getting gradually longer and the long nights correspondingly shorter.

This is the month filled with fun and surprises including our annual and completely delightful Winter Solstice Tea Party. For our new families, this is a day devoted to, and the celebration of, the art of giving in a season focused quite a bit on receiving. To this end we invite parents and family members for a children’s concert of some of their favorite songs, a gift exchange, and the children serving tea and cookies to their parents—ideally before serving themselves!

The gift exchange is special in that it entails each child making a gift at home for one of their classmates whose name they have drawn from the Solstice glass bowl. I find it especially touching in that the gifts are homemade (with adult help) and most often reflect knowledge and affection for the child receiving the gift—very precious indeed.

So enjoy this season of darkness receding and keep the thought of light returning close to your hearts.

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