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As Summer Program winds down we look to the beginning of yet another school year with new faces to greet and returning families to mentor them along. Be sure to check the hallway for pictures and brief bios of our new families!

We tried a wonderful Anthropology program, and a new Family Meet-up schedule last year, and are now in the process of reevaluating what worked and what needs to be rethought.  With that in mind, please look for the somewhat new schedules soon to be posted by Shannon Rice, our awesome Communications Director.

It seems as though the annual Parent Pot Luck Dinner at school is very far away but in fact, it’s right around the corner! It’s a lovely evening to meet new parents, say hello to the ones you know, and talk the evening away without the little ones around! The school will supply beverages, but the rest is up to you! Please watch for sign-up sheets from this year’s hostess, and please don’t miss this really fun event!

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