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We are beyond excited to kick off the fall term by warmly welcoming our new students, their families, and our fabulous new staff members to Glen Park Montessori! Be sure to take a look at our Family Wall in the hallway to read about our new families, as well as the “Our Team” page on our website to learn more about our staff.

This month our teachers will be primarily focused on demonstrating what the Montessori method is and what values it holds. Grace and Courtesy are areas we particularly value at Glen Park Montessori, which involves establishing mindfulness of self and others. “My Growing Body” is the biology portion of our Extended Curriculum studies this month and will provide children with tools, knowledge, and language to enable them to learn about their own bodies and provide insight to them as they begin to establish themselves as individuals. We will also be demonstrating the importance of respecting and honoring our environment by teaching classroom care. This includes cleaning up our work, washing our dishes, and pushing in our chairs.

We are confident that our returning children will be wonderful role models to our new students by teaching them classroom norms and expectations and introducing them to all of the beautiful, innovative Montessori works displayed throughout our classrooms. Needless to say, we have much to learn and are looking so forward to the process!

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