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We are happy to welcome our new families that will be joining us this month, and we would like to warmly welcome back our families who are returning once again. This month we will be turning our attention towards the pillars of the Montessori method. We will be introducing children to their new environment that encourages independence, peaceful communication, respect, and a love of learning. They will enjoy the exploration of their classroom with the assistance of their adult guides as well as the older children. Lessons will be given in grace and courtesy, as well as the practical life area of the classroom, which provides children the opportunity to gain self-sufficiency—how to sweep up a mess if they spill, how to mindfully pour from a pitcher, how to carefully carry a tray to their table—skills that are sure to come in useful at home! The children who are returning this fall are our biggest helpers: they model the behaviors learned from the previous academic year, becoming natural “teachers” to the incoming students. These skills are the basis for everything that the children will be doing going forward, and what they are sure to carry with them for the rest of their lives. We are excited to begin again as we welcome the start of the academic year.

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