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Our Summer Program is about to launch once again. It is, of course, a change from the regular school year and curriculum, and it is this change that makes it so exciting. For four weeks the children will be on a different schedule—rotating between three areas: upstairs, downstairs, and outside. They will be exploring topics of the teacher’s choosing—areas of interest and passion. I think it’s fair to say that this shift offers the opportunity to focus on a single topic and run with it. Teacher Dustin, who enjoys surfing, has a deep love of the sea. Teacher Carlin is very much a scientist at heart and is fascinated by the mysteries of outer space, and Teacher Ana enjoys games, songs, and planning lovely snacks for the children to prepare outside.

There is another aspect to all of this, and that is the opportunity for the children to delve into a single topic in a way that isn’t possible during the regular school year. They will have wonderfully creative projects, create entire environments that reflect their learning, and come away with an entirely new understanding of our world and beyond. The joy, too, is that our Summer Program is fully within the practice and scope of the Montessori “Method,” with a very creative twist!

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