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Reptiles—hmm—what do we really know about them? As a species, they predate us by a gazillion years. This says a lot about adaptability, survival, tenacity…fun things like that. The question is: how to make these animals meaningful to children? I would suggest investigating, with your child, what would our precious earth be like if all the reptiles vanished? This may require some digging! If you find something interesting, write it down and send your child to school with it to share. We will have a 36-child research team this month!

We are looking forward to our Anthropology Studies Day for this month where we will be investigating South American cuisine! YUM! We hope you participate by bringing in a favorite South American dish to share with your child’s classroom. If you have any souvenirs, memorabilia, or pictures from South America, we would love to borrow it for the day. Thank you for your involvement!

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