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Returning from Spring Break you will be happy to see our renovated lower play yard! It was a difficult decision to make, in that the plants that needed to be removed were flourishing there (albeit considered weeds for the most part) and were such a fresh, vibrantly alive green—a testimony to the strength of some species to grow in unexpected places.

To somewhat make up for it, we are installing two wooden planter boxes with a bench connecting them on the upper deck. All of the potted plants have been moved up to the deck as well and it’s beginning to look rather lush.

The intention is to give the children the best all-around and safe place to move their bodies outside. With our finished design we’ve added stepping, balancing on tree trunk slices, and climbing. Not bad for a few day’s work! The ball yard will be next…

I’ve often thought of putting a spiral staircase leading up to a treehouse in the redwood tree….we will see!

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