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With two huge events last month we’re still reeling from the fun, excitement, enthusiasm—voiced by the children—and again, the lovely contributions of our parent community. Carefully crafted Valentines were shared in circle on this Celebration Day. The children offered one to each of their classmates and afterwards, all were collected in child-decorated bags to take home. It was also red day, so one can imagine the charming appearance of 36 red-dressed preschoolers. After lunch we enjoyed terrific cookie treats to top off a heartwarming day centered around love, giving, receiving, and deep appreciation. The February Anthropology Studies was celebrating the Chinese New Year—a perfect event for us to bring to the children. A mini Dragon Dance was performed around the ball yard, lanterns were made, beautiful New Year’s candies shared, and many stories read. All in all, a very joyous day! Our classrooms (and our front windows) were vibrant with color, communicating our honoring of a new cycle.

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