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Our Valentine’s Day Card Exchange Day is very much a favorite for everyone: a particular day to honor, recognize, and reaffirm the concept of love. We have a beautiful tradition for the children: the making of (at home with the help of parents) lovely valentines for all of their classmates, 18 in total. It has been a great joy to see how each child’s personality comes through in their careful construction of these cards.

We ask that all the cards be as similar as possible, that the name of the maker be placed on the card, and that the cards are not addressed to an individual child (it makes the distribution much easier). The children will be decorating a lunch-sized bag to take their cards home in, so please take this into consideration with regards to the size of the cards. Envelopes are not needed. We also ask for volunteers to bring in Valentine cookies (no nuts, please) for a post-lunch treat, all on Thursday, February 12. Please let us know if this is something you would enjoy doing.

We have three additional events planned for February:

  1.  Family Meet-up Day at SCRAP (an artist’s warehouse of goodies that might inspire ideas for cards), on Saturday, February 7th. Please coordinate a time with one another via the Yahoo Parents Group.
  2.   Red Day is also on Thursday, Feb 12. Everyone wears red to school!
  3. The celebration of the Chinese New Year on Thursday, Feb. 19Our second celebration for our year-long Anthropology studies!

All-in-all, a most exciting, fun, colorful, and joyous month ahead!

Thank you all for your assistance in making these experiences for the children absolutely wonderful!

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