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A poem by Rosemary:


Did you know that

every single flower

has but one job

in its life

and that

is to make

a seed?


Brilliantly arrayed in

fields of sun

in early Spring

or growing

in a pot-

they all want

to make



Making seeds is the desire

of every flower

big or small,

short or tall,

bright or light,

fragrant or sour,

they want to



Amazing as it seems

within those seeds

dwells the plan

to make a new

marvelous plant

with flowers to make:

more seeds.


So if you are tempted to pick

one or two or three

and take them home

where they will sadly wilt

and waste away

saddened by the fate

of not making



Please remember how happy

they seem left in the fields

for all to see-

so smell, and smile,

at the thought that

here are the flowers

that will one day

make seeds!


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