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Of all the varied ways to enjoy herbs for health and well being I am continuously fascinated by the ritual that surrounds the creation of flower essences.  By ritual I mean a process that is established for a desired out come — in the instance of flower essence, the transfer of flower essence into pure water via sun and, in the best of cases, guardianship.

The thing I love about flower essences is this:

The plant is given a sacred place to dwell and be honored as it releases its life energy-it’s a sacrifice, really, being “harvested” before the natural ending of its life cycle. When sacredness is part of the planting, nurturing, and taking,  (or, as in the wild, when a dialog is established to discern the plant’s willingness to be used for a greater purpose) the medicine is filled with the resonating energy, power and purity of selfless sacrifice.

I wonder if this is part of our collective dilemma today-the taking without asking, harvesting without honoring of plant, animal, water and mineral, for it is that purity that truly feeds and sustains us physically, and much more importantly, spiritually.  This then is actually our lifeline, our connectedness to source: maintaining that degree of awareness and consciousness in everything we do: every step, every breath, every action, every waking moment, a consciousness to collectively strive for. Just imagine how our world could be…….



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