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The day following graduation, our Family Meet-up Day was held at Slide Ranch in Marin. We have Family Meet-up Days in lieu of traditional field trips. We choose the Meet-up Day location depending on what our kids are currently studying. For the month of June, the kids were taking a close look at plants and flowers for their botany curriculum, and we knew that Slide Ranch would be a perfect place to explore, touch, smell, and learn more about that with their families. Here is what one of our parents had to say about her experience:
Slide Ranch was a great location for young kids (and older!) to explore.  Goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks had their homes on the ranch.  A goat was being milked when we arrived.  We petted a baby goat — also called a kid! — who wanted to say, “Baaaah.  Hi.”
After letting out some kid energy in the food and flower garden, we sat down for a picnic lunch beneath the trees.  Other young explorers with their families checked out the clifftop yurt — a nice place to rest with a view of the ocean.  The most popular feature was a rock — who wants to climb and play pirate?
With more things and areas to explore than we could in pre-naptime, we’ll be back later!
If you go, it’s a 1 hour drive  from the southern part of San Francisco, with a windy road in Marin County.  Kids can rough it with the outhouse!
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