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Today was a special Day: Earth Day.  When asked if they knew what the word “earth” meant,, most children did not know.  As a result, a really lovely conversation commenced, starting with a look at our globe- bodies of land and water, continents defined, and questioning- who do you think lives in the water, on the land, in the air?  And what do you think these animals and people need to live?  What about the plants, what do they need to live?  All those things that are needed to live- where does all of this come from?  The Earth!  We are all here on this lovely sphere, sharing the water, soil and air- this is where we live so the Earth is our: HOME.

When asked again what the word “Earth” meant, the answers were quite different: “a place where houses and animals are”, “oceans, grass”, and  “home”.

The children were asked, “Is this our only home?  If this one is broken can we get another?” (inspiring a lot of shaking of little heads).  So ALL the people and ALL the animals share the world that is our home- is it important for everyone to take care of our home, the Earth? (Enthusiastic nodding of heads). “How can we take care of the land, the water and the air?” to which one young boy answered: “This is our home. We share our home; we want peace”.

I then asked them what was wrong with Earth Day?  I showed them the number that represented the total number of days in the year (365), and the total number of days we “celebrated”and remembered how precious our Earth really is (1).  It was concluded that it would be much better to remember everything the planet gives us,, and thank our planet Earth that sustains us all….. every day!

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