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First, welcome to the New Year! I would like to sincerely thank the parent community for the generosity of gifts offered and words of appreciation stated, which means a lot to me. I like to think of the school as our school, and the support that all of you offer confirms that.

Looking back briefly, we have accomplished some wonderful things in 2018:

  • The major redesign of the deck area and lower yard has been the most significant change to our infrastructure over the past year. This remodel allows the children more space to run, climb, and enjoy the outdoors in a novel and productive way.
  • We’ve started the Waseca reading program to provide consistency to both classrooms in terms of reading preparation—the materials are bright, fun, and self -correcting. This program is aligned with what Dr. Montessori planned for all her materials.
  • The designing and installation of the storage areas downstairs. They add a softness and playfulness while giving us much needed workable space that includes a rest/work space for teachers, separate from the children. 

Looking ahead at our curriculum to start off the year, we will be diving into our botany lessons with the wondrous life of seeds; for our biology lessons we will be looking at the enormously complex and beautiful world of birds. For our art curriculum, we will be introducing a still life section to discern the difference between that and landscape, portrait, and abstract art.

We will continue to improve our play yard by bringing in more plants, including more nature activities, and introducing exercise equipment. My goal is to make our outside space a reflection of our commitment to engage the children with the natural world.

Lastly, we are in need of updating our website, including recommendations for improvements. If you have any experience with WordPress and are interested in helping, please let us know as this would be greatly appreciated and can be used towards your parent hours.

As we enter this New Year, may we all experience deep appreciation for all we have been given and move forward with renewed joy, enthusiasm and zest for life—qualities we see reflected in the faces of the children every single day.

With gratitude,


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