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As I am sure you can imagine, these past weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and “getting to know you.” It’s tremendously exciting to be in the classroom again and I’m
seeing the challenges of being removed from it. I am grateful to experience the children firsthand once again. The books and songs I’ve written for them, the projects and
explorations I’ve created, were inspired by the children in my care. Out of the momentary complications of transition comes a new and exciting time to have the opportunity to focus on the Nature curriculum supported by Waseca materials, created by two Montessori teachers, in addition to the classical Montessori materials.
This month we will be exploring mammals, water cycles, work with tempra paint, portraits, and North America: biomes and indigenous peoples. Since we are exploring the idea of portraits in the art arena, I would appreciate if you would please look for a portrait of a Native American child to bring in and we will start a book of children from around the world. I appreciate your help and believe it would be a worthwhile experience to talk about the First Peoples with your children.
To start bringing awareness to our outside area and our plants growing within, I will be inviting a few children at a time to introduce the Care of Plants lessons in our outside area. Care of plants is closely associated with water cycles and this, too, will be part of the conversation.
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