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Bringing chamomile into the classroom was a compete delight. Chamomile is a lovely plant and in full bloom this time of year- the sweetest white daisy-like flowers with brilliant yellow spheres at the center. It is also a well-known herb, popularized because of its calming if not gently sedating affect. The Kid’s Herb Book calls it the “calm child herb”. Having made an infusion with Lemon Balm previously it was a natural progression to make a chamomile tea. The children loved it so much they have frequently asked to have it with lunch!

The calming effect of the herb can also be experienced by making an herbal bath. To do so, a strong tea can be made, and poured directly into the bath water. It requires about 2 cups of chamomile for two quarts of water. Heating the water to a boil, you can add the herb, turn the heat off, cover and steep the mixture for 20 minutes. Naturally this was not an exercise we could do in the classroom so the solution was to make an herbal bath bag.  The children were given a small tea straining bag to decorate with fabric pens- a lovely flower drawing or floating blue bubbles were suggested but of course they could do whatever they were inspired to do. After completion they were given a large bowl of chamomile to fill their bags- by the spoonful, and a note was sent home explaining what to do with it. The bag was tied with a yellow ribbon so that it could hang from the bath faucet. P.S. Adults can enjoy this method as well!

Chamomile, yellow and white

Helps you sleep through the night-

Calms your stomach, sooths a skin burn-

Chamomile,yellow and white.

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