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It’s hard not to notice how excited and joyous the children become with the anticipation of our school’s variety of celebration days. Every month we’ve plugged a celebration into our calendar: Boat Float Day, Valentine’s Day, and the celebration of the Solstices coming immediately to mind. This month is, of course, Halloween! Many cultures are rich in traditional cycles of celebration and Halloween appears to have been celebrated across cultures as far back as Roman times. Our school tradition diverts away from the Trick or Treat version (originally a trade for food in exchange for song or dance) as an opportunity to dress up, and have a wonderfully fun parade around town with stops at our local merchants to thank them for their support of the community and our school. To that end, we prepare small gifts and enjoy the look of surprise on the faces of the merchants when the children offer up our small token of appreciation with no expectation of candy in return. Good for the heart, good for the spirit and good for the teeth! Parents are welcome to join us on our parade day coming up at the end of the month!

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