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I enjoy looking at various images that inspire me and find myself thinking, “How could I use this with the children?” When the Wetland Critters Coloring Book (by Sue Coccia) came out I was greatly impressed by the symbology and creative complexity of the images. I knew it was unreasonable to expect the children to be able to pencil all the delicate areas but was determined to find a way. I took the image I wanted to experiment with and had it enlarged enough so that sections were “colorable” by the children in our care. I then cut the image in half and cut the half into smaller sections. Children chose the areas they wanted to work with and when completed we were faced with the daunting job of reassembling it. Once we got the half assembled and glued to paper I took it to a printer and had them print our image, and the reverse, which combined, now gave us a whole- cleanly bi-lateral, beautifully completed image. It was quite a bit of work but very much fun. The project additionally gave us the opportunity to do a job together–we all had a part in it. The framed image adorns our school office and I never tire of looking at it.

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