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8 AM- 11:30 AM:  Our teacher helps get us started with our day or we may independently choose an activity. Our classroom includes all of the areas in a traditional Montessori classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Cultural. We may work independently or with a partner as long as we are being respectful to our classroom. We set up and clean up our own work, and we remember to put away our rugs when we are done with an activity. We may choose to serve ourselves snack, and we know we must wash our hands first! Towards the end of work time, we break into two groups and we are able to play in our play yard and garden for 30 minutes.

11:30 AM-1:30 PM:  We have Circle Time with our teacher. We learn new classroom lessons and read stories. We sing the Alphabet song, the Continent song, the Days of the Week song, and more! Twice a week we have Spanish Class with Ms. Ana. We wash our hands for lunch and enjoy our delicious, organic meal prepared with love by our chef. Some of us go back outside, and some of us help our teacher set up for nap time!

1:30 PM-3 PM:  We set up our beds, snuggle in for a story, and nap while our teachers clean the classroom and set up new materials.

3 PM- 4 PM:  We wake up from nap and put our own beds away. We wash our hands, and enjoy our afternoon snack. We have choose from a variety of Afterschool activities with our classmates.

4 PM- 5 PM:  We play in the play yard and garden with our friends!

5 PM- 6 PM:  We return to our classrooms and continue more Afterschool activities. We clean up, and then have story time until we get picked up by our families.



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