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Celebration Days:
We have an array of Celebration Days throughout the year–and that’s how we like it! From Color Days to Boat Float Day to Tea Parties, we have a lot to celebrate! Read below to see what we have planned.

February: Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

Our parents help us make homemade cards for each one of our classmates! Then, we take turns passing them out to our friends during circle time. We make beautiful crafts throughout the day, and we say extra kind words to our friends today. After lunch we get a special Valentine’s Day treat made by one of our helpful parent volunteers!

March: Spring Equinox Celebrated

We celebrate all things Spring. Our curriculum for the month aligns with the Equinox. For Earth Science curriculum we look at the Exploration of Spring and for our Botany curriculum we look at Parts of a Seed.

April: Boat Float Day, Earth Day and Color Day: Green

One of our MOST favorite days of the year! Children make homemade boats with their parents using only materials found at home. Parents arrive at school in the afternoon and we all meet outside in the play yard. Then, each child gets to place their boat in a pool filled with bright blue water. We marvel at our friend’s creations, and we get to see if our boat sinks or floats! A truly fun day had by all.

We spend the day reflecting on Mother Earth: what she gives to us, how she nourishes us, and the beauty she provides. We discuss ways we can better care for the Earth, and why this is important. We get extra play time outside, and get our hands extra in the garden! We pause and give thanks for Mother Earth!

June: Summer Solstice and Color Day: Yellow

We discuss the Solstice: what is it? How do people celebrate? What does it mean to people around the world? We wear yellow to represent the sun and summer.

July: Back to Nature Graduation Ceremony and Potluck Picnic at Lake Lagunitas

We spend the afternoon at Lake Lagunitas celebrating our children: we rejoice in the time we spent together, we say goodbye to our graduates, and we have fun with the children that will return in the fall. We sing songs and have a potluck picnic in the beautiful setting of redwoods, wild animals, and each other.

August: Crazy Hair Day and Color Day: Blue9

We get creative with our hair—our teachers join in the fun, too! On a separate day, we wear blue to school. We
discuss what is blue in our world, we make blue crafts, and we have something blue in our lunch!

September: Fall Equinox and Color Day: Purple

We celebrate the coming of fall! We love all the colors and the changing of the seasons. We are grateful for the abundance and change that fall brings. We also celebrate the color purple on a separate day: we dress in purple, make purple crafts, and talk about what is purple in our world.

October: Halloween Costume Parade

We LOVE Halloween! We wear our costumes to school, and parade around the block after lunch. Our parents take pictures while we greet the local merchants in our neighborhood. We give the merchants a small gift and lots of cheer.

November: Gratefulness Day

We discuss gratefulness: what is it? What do we have to be grateful for today and every day? We also bring our favorite dish to share with our friends at school—we even help our parents make it! We get to see firsthand that if we all contribute what we can, the return is plentiful.

December: Winter Solstice Tea Celebration and Gift Exchange

One of our most favorite days of the year! We spend all month learning songs for our families. We make a homemade gift to give to one of our classmates. Our parents join us for songs, a gift exchange, and tea, of course! We show our parents how we can pour a cup of tea, and we enjoy homemade cookies with our friends. We rejoice in all things winter, and we say goodbye until next year.


Family Meet-Up Days:

Our concept of Field Trips has been taken to the next level: Family Meet-up Days. We host a couple of Meet-ups and we suggest a couple of Meet-ups for families only. We believe this is a great opportunity to gather outside of school and strengthen community by enjoying time in nature and with one another.

May: Glen Canyon Park Picnic Area 

We believe some of the most satisfying days are simply spent outside, in nature, surrounded by friends and family. We encourage you to come relax, catch up, and simply enjoy one another. We recommend potluck style lunch, games, blankets, and fun!

*This event is for families only.

July: Back to Nature Graduation Ceremony and Potluck Picnic samuel p taylor

The entire school spends the afternoon at the beautiful Lake Lagunitas located in Marin, immersed in nature. We spend all year learning about and discussing nature, and this is our chance as a school to explore and get our hands dirty. We will also be celebrating the end of the year: we rejoice in the time we spent together, we say goodbye to our graduates, and have fun with the children and parents that will return in the fall. We sing songs and have a potluck picnic in the beautiful setting of redwoods, wild animals, and each other. We will have a ceremony celebrating our graduates, but this day is for all!

*This event will be staffed.

Baker BeachSeptember: Potluck at Baker Beach

The start of the academic year is here! Bring your blankets, sunscreen, and something to share for a potluck style picnic at Baker Beach. Get reunited with old friends, and welcome the new families to the GPM community!

*This event is for families only.



December: Herbal Holiday Gift Making at GPM

We are excited to offer your child an opportunity to create homemade, herbal gifts with Rosemary. Rosemary is able to foster a deep appreciation of the many benefits of herbs to all ages. Your child will be participating in different stations throughout the day, and will be making two gifts—one for each parent! A lovely way to wrap up the end of the year.

*This event will be staffed.



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