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“The essential thing is to arouse such an interest that it engages the child’s whole personality.”   

    – Maria Montessori

Over 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori developed a visionary, research-based educational approach that continues to shape the development of many of the world’s leading innovators.

Montessori was the first educator to recognize the amazing intellectual and emotional capacity of young people. Painstaking observation taught her that the period from birth to age six were formative years and the period of time in which children “learned” from all five of their senses, not just by listening, watching, or reading.

Accordingly, Montessori education presents learning as an exciting process of exploration and discovery, engaging sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing to unlock each student’s inner zeal and curiosity.

Specially-designed, self-correcting educational materials directly and indirectly “teach” concepts and skills through hands-on manipulation and engagement, i.e., playing and experimenting. Students learn at their own, individual pace, with the freedom to follow their strengths and interests and choose from an amazing variety of activities. Teachers introduce developmentally appropriate materials to students one-to-one. Students work individually or in groups. Mixed-age classrooms give older students the opportunity to mentor, teach, and serve as role models for younger students. All students have the opportunity to engage in a rich social setting that encourages peaceful cooperation and creative problem-solving, with minimal need for adult intervention.

In this way, the students “lead,” and we teachers “follow the child,” supporting, encouraging, and guiding students as needed, at just the right time. As Dr. Montessori once said, “Never help a child with a task at which she feels she can succeed.” With this unique, student-driven educational environment, the act of “learning” organically bolsters each student’s self-motivation, concentration, self-discipline, and intrinsic curiosity.

In an age when critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills are becoming more and more critical in our adult lives, Montessori education truly provides your child with an educational foundation for life.

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