Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood,

Glen Park Montessori Preschool has dedicated over 20 years to creating a unique, loving, and immensely engaging environment where kids are inspired to embrace their curiosity, explore their world, and embark on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.

Our School

Dr. Maria Montessori’s visionary, time-tested approach helps children put the world around them into a context they can easily understand. Our distinctive program will help your child grow into a youngster who is curious, compassionate, confident, and capable.  Learn more.

Montessori Education

We steep our students in a rich variety of activities and experiences. Each day, they build, sort, count, organize, paint, pour, draw, read, write stories, engage in creative problem-solving, care for plants and insects, sing, dance, climb, run, and play. And that’s before noon! Read more about our curriculum.

Video Tour

Glen Park Montessori Preschool Slideshow

We invite you to watch our photo slideshow to get a sneak peek of our beautiful schoolhouse and see our amazing students in action.